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Northpoint Collision Consultants.


About Us

Our professional expertise and reputation make us New England's premiere reconstruction firm.

Our Company

We started our venture in 2009, aiming to provide expert analytical reconstruction of motor vehicle collisions involving multiple modes of transportation. Such modes include automobiles and trucks, motorcycles, and even pedestrian foot traffic.

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Finding truth Through Science

One error in analysis carries a big consequence. We have built our company on providing objective analysis by finding the truth through the science.

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Innovation Inspired

Technology advances every day; that allows us to better serve our clients and provide more facts. We keep up to date with the latest trends and technologies, and all new technologies are integrated and multifaceted to support the reconstruction of an accident.

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Leadership Team

our leaders

Russel Boyton

Russel Boynton

Russ is the founder and senior partner of Northpoint Collision Consultants. Russ started his crash reconstruction profession in 1987 as a New Hampshire state trooper, where he became an active member of the Technical Accident Reconstruction Unit. He has actively worked as a crash reconstructionist in the criminal and civil arena ever since.

Carl Lakowicz

Carl Lakowicz

Carl is a senior partner and serves as Northpoint's primary forensic animator. Carl has been an active crash reconstructionist for nearly 39 years after starting his professional law enforcement career as a police officer with the city of Concord, NH..

Jonathan Boyton

Jonathan Boynton

Jonathan joined Northpoint Collision over five years ago as our forensic mapping specialist. Since that time, he has mastered the collection of scene data using a Topcon electronic total station survey instrument.