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Northpoint Collision Consultants.

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"It would have been impossible to reach this result without the assistance of Carl Lakowicz and Russell Boynton of Northpoint Collision Consultants. Those guys do incredible work and without them we would never have been able to put together our case against the defendants."

Attorney Richard J. Lehmann
Estate of Wendy Lawrence v. State of New Hampshire
Douglas, Leonard & Garvey, PC, Concord, N.H. | Lehmann Law Office, PLLC Manchester, NH


Experts in Crash Reconstruction & Investigation 

The complexities of a collision investigation and the science involved can be daunting to the untrained professional. With a combined total of over 40 years in reconstruction and law enforcement, our team can assist you in determining whether your case has merit


Helping You Understand The Process

The procedures of an accident investigation are commonplace to a reconstructionist; they aren't common to most attorneys and everyday people. Let us help you navigate the complexities of a reconstruction investigation.

Quickly Act on Time Sensitive Items

Time is often of the essence during an accident investigation. Roadway evidence is fleeting evidence that is quickly lost, Vehicles are totaled out and destroyed, and key damage is quickly repaired.

Snow Crash

Answer questions and guide decision making

Reconstructions can answer many questions.

Does the case have merit

In other words, can they support the charges in a criminal case? What are the violations or charging decisions? Do they fit the event?

Can we win

If the case is litgated, what are your chances of winning. Often, attorneys go to litigation over cases that have strong scientific foundations and end up losing the case. This can be costly in the long term. Our expert analysis will inform you if it is recommended to go to trial.

Is there a need for further investigation

Is the case complete, or are there critical aspects missing? We can help you determine if further investigation is needed.

Understand What the next step in your case should be

For attorneys, the first question is often whether the case can be litigated or whether it should be settled. Our team can give you the insight into the truth behind the science and whether the facts support your conclusions.

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