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Northpoint Collision Consultants.



Do you have a background in crash reconstruction? Consider a career with a firm that distinguishes itself from the rest by putting people first and placing an emphasis on professionalism.

Professional Reconstructionists

We take pride in our company and what we do. That is why we put professionalism at the front of everything we do. When you work for us, you work for a company who's professional reputation precedes you.

Shaking Hands

Why Choose a Career with Us

Beyond our reputation, we put employees first. Our professional staff is what drives our company to be successful.

Advanced Training & Support

We understand that knowledge is power; so we invest in our team.

Surround Yourself with the Best in the Field

We employ some of the best re-constructionists in the field. There's no better environment to immerse yourself in if you want to learn and develop your career.

Stand Out

Our reputation precedes us as professionals and our ability to do the job right. Be part of a winning team that gets noticed.

Great Benefits

Being a reconstructionist is a rewarding career. The median annual salary for a reconstructionist in the United States is $85,673.

With our company you will receive competitive pay while enjoying the independence to manage your own cases.


Apply Today!

Individuals who have a background in accident reconstruction can inquire with us at 603-413-6933 or mail their resume and CV to the following:

Northpoint Collision Consultants, LLP
P.O. Box 2157
Concord, NH 03302-2157

Or by email to: