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Northpoint Collision Consultants.


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We provide our clients an objective analysis to find the underlying cause of the collision and determine whether the cause supports criminal or civil liability consistent with scientific evidence.

Plaintiffs Case

Plaintiffs Case

Plaintiffs cases present a unique challenge for most accident reconstructionists. Cases often have no prior facts established, and the crash must be investigated from the beginning. That's where we come in!

Civil Defense

Assigning liability during a tort case often depends on who was at fault, and the level of fault for each party involved in the crash. Don't go into litigation without the facts! Let our crash experts analyze your case to strengthen your defense, or help inform your important decisions.


Criminal Defense

The police have an array of professionals to build their case against you; why not have professionals on your side, too? Our reconstructionists are made up of career law enforcement officers who understand the processes and challenges that law enforcement contains. In order to be able to undermine every defense of a case, you must understand what the other side needs to prove your involvement and guilt. Let us help you turn the tables on your accusers! 

Insurance Investigation & Review

When there is question as to who may be at fault in a crash, or in the event of possible fraud, we can find the truth. Often enough, insurance companies need to know the details of a particular vehicle or crash, and so they call us to retrieve that information.


Law Enforcement & Government

Your agency may not have a dedicated investigative team assigned to you. Contract with us, and ensure your investigation is complete and has a strong foundation built on facts and science! With prior law enforcement experience, we integrate well with current law enforcement methods of investigation.

Reconstruction Support Services

In addition to managing our own case load, we also support other crash investigation firms and teams throughout the county by supporting them with services. We offer any reconstruction service found in our own cases to outside firms. Below are the top three services we provide to augment your investigation and reconstruction.

3D Laser Scanning & Forensic Mapping

Add value to your case by creating scene diagrams that add value and accuracy to your investigation.

Forensic Animations

You did the science, let us animate it to build value to your case.

EDR Download & Analysis

If your investigation requires crash data retrieval, we can provide EDR, Airbag or PCM telemetry download and analysis where applicable for all supported vehicles.

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